Terms of use

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Chapter 2: Service Usage Agreement

Chapter 3: Obligations of the Parties to the Agreement

Chapter 4: Service Usage

Chapter 5: Termination of Agreement and Service Restriction

Chapter 6: Miscellaneous

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

This agreement is intended to regulate matters related to the terms and procedures for using all services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by Woojin Industries (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") on the website (ngkntk.co.kr).

Article 2 (Definitions)

The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows:

1. User: The individual who receives the services provided by the Company under this agreement.

2. Service Agreement: The agreement entered into between the Company and the user concerning the use of services.

3. Registration: The act of completing the service usage agreement by providing the necessary information according to the application form provided by the Company and agreeing to this agreement.

4. Member: An individual who has provided the personal information necessary for registration on the website and has completed the registration as a member.

5. User ID: A combination of alphabets and numbers selected by the user and approved by the Company for the identification of the member and the use of the service.

6. Password: A combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters set by the user for the protection of their information.

7. Termination of Use: The expression of the intention by the Company or a member to terminate the service usage agreement after using the service.

Article 3 (Effect and Amendment of the Agreement)

① The changes to this agreement become effective by being posted on the service screen, notice board, or through other methods of announcement.

② The Company may change the contents of this agreement if necessary. The changed agreement will be announced on the service screen, and if you continue to use the service without expressing your refusal even after seven days from the announcement, it will be deemed that you have agreed to the changes.

③ If the user does not agree to the modified agreement, they may request withdrawal (termination) from the membership. If the user continues to use the service, it will be deemed that they have agreed to the changes in the agreement. The changes in the agreement take effect in the same way as in the preceding paragraph.

Article 4 (Applicable Regulations)

Matters not specified in this agreement are subject to the provisions of the Telecommunications Basic Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and other related laws and regulations.

Chapter 2: Service Usage Agreement

Article 5 (Establishment of the Service Usage Agreement)

The service usage agreement is established by the Company's acceptance of the user's application for use and the user's agreement to the terms of the agreement.

Article 6 (Application for Use)

Users can apply for the service by recording personal information on the membership information screen and submitting it in the application form requested by the Company.

Article 7 (Acceptance of Use Application)

① If a member accurately provides all the items on the application form and applies for the service without any special reason, the application for service usage is accepted.

② In the following cases, the Company may not accept the application:

1. When the application is not made in the user's real name.

2. When the application is made using someone else's name.

3. When false information is provided in the application.

4. When the application is made for the purpose of harming social order or public morals.

5. When the requirements for application, as stipulated by the Company, are not met.

Article 8 (Change of Contractual Terms)

Members must modify the provided information if it changes, and any problems arising from failure to modify will be the member's responsibility.

Chapter 3: Obligations of the Parties to the Agreement

Article 9 (Company's Obligations)

The Company shall not disclose or distribute the user's personal information to third parties without the user's consent concerning the provision of services. However, if required by national agencies in accordance with the law, for the purpose of criminal investigations, or through the procedures prescribed by other related laws, this provision does not apply.

Article 10 (Member's Obligations)

① When using the service, members must not:

1. Illegally use another member's ID.

2. Duplicate, publish, or provide information obtained from the service to third parties.

3. Infringe upon copyrights or other rights, including those of third parties or the Company.

4. Disseminate content that violates public order or public morals.

5. Engage in activities objectively judged as related to crimes.

6. Violate other relevant laws.

② Members cannot engage in business activities using the service. The Company is not responsible for the results of business activities conducted using the service.

③ Members cannot transfer or donate their service usage rights, or their position according to the service usage agreement, to others or provide them as collateral.

Chapter 4: Service Usage

Article 11 (Member's Responsibilities)

① Members are responsible for maintaining and managing their mail, message boards, and registered materials as needed.

② Members cannot arbitrarily delete or modify the materials provided by the Company.

③ Members must not post materials that violate public order and public morals, infringe upon the copyrights or other rights of third parties, or have other issues on the Company's website. Members bear all responsibility for the consequences of posting such materials.

Article 12 (Management and Deletion of Posts)

To ensure efficient service operation, the Company may limit a member's memory space, message size, storage period, etc., and may delete posts without prior notice in the following cases:

1. If the content of the post slanders another member or a third party, causing harm to their honor.

2. If the content violates public order and public morals.

3. If the content is objectively judged as being related to criminal activities.

4. If the content infringes upon the copyrights or other rights of the Company or third parties.

5. If members post explicit content on the Company's website or link to explicit sites.

6. If it is judged as a violation of other relevant laws.

Article 13 (Copyright of Posts)

The copyright of the posts belongs to the author, and members cannot use the materials posted on the service for commercial purposes, such as processing or selling them.

Article 14 (Service Operating Hours)

The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless there are special hindrances due to business or technical issues. However, this may not be the case during regular inspections and other similar reasons.

Article 15 (Service Usage Responsibility)

Members should not engage in hacking, linking to adult websites, illegal distribution of commercial software, or other prohibited activities using the service. The Company is not responsible for the results of these violations, such as damage, losses, legal action by related agencies, etc.

Article 16 (Suspension of Service Provision)

The Company may suspend service provision under the following circumstances:

1. In case of unavoidable circumstances such as repair or maintenance of service equipment.

2. When a telecommunications service provider as stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act suspends the telecommunications service according to the time frame set by the Act.

3. In case of the need for system maintenance.

4. In case of other unavoidable reasons.

Chapter 5: Termination of Agreement and Service Restriction

Article 17: Termination of Contract and Service Restriction

① If a member wishes to terminate the service contract, they must apply for termination via the internet. The company will take appropriate actions after verifying the member's identity.

② The company must notify the member and provide an opportunity to express their opinion at least 30 days before taking any termination actions if the member engages in any of the following actions:

1. Impersonating another user's ID or password.

2. Deliberately interfering with the service's operation.

3. Submitting a false application for membership.

4. Registering with multiple IDs under the same user.

5. Disseminating content that violates public order and morality.

6. Damaging another person's reputation or causing harm.

7. Sending a large volume of information or advertising materials with the intention to disrupt the stable operation of the service.

8. Distributing computer virus programs or other content that causes malfunctions in information or telecommunications equipment.

9. Infringing upon the intellectual property rights of the company, other members, or third parties.

10. Illegally using another person's personal information, user ID, or password.

11. Posting obscene material on their homepage or message board or linking to adult content sites.

12. Any other actions determined to be in violation of relevant laws and regulations.

Chapter 6: Miscellaneous

Article 18: Prohibition of Assignment

Members are not allowed to transfer or bestow their usage rights or any other contractual status related to the service to others or use them as collateral.

Article 19: Compensation for Damages

The company is not liable for any damages suffered by the member in connection with the free services, except for damages resulting from the company's intentional or gross negligence.

Article 20: Exemption Clause

① The company is exempt from liability for providing services due to force majeure events, war, or other events beyond its control.

② The company is exempt from liability for damages resulting from the maintenance, replacement, routine inspection, construction work, or other unavoidable reasons related to the service equipment.

③ The company is not liable for service disruptions caused by the member's fault.

④ The company is not liable for any damages caused by the member's expected benefits from using the service or the reliability, accuracy, and content of information obtained through the service.

⑤ The company is not responsible for the trustworthiness, accuracy, and content of information, data, or facts posted by the member on the service.

Article 21: Jurisdiction

If disputes arise from service usage, the court with jurisdiction over the company's location is the exclusive court of jurisdiction.

Supplementary Provisions

(Effective Date) These terms and conditions are effective from January 1, 2022.