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Environmental Management

Green Environment Culture
All employees of Woojin Industry Co., Ltd. contribute to affluent lives and the preservation of the global environment by developing a corporate green environment culture based on the awareness of environmental improvement.
Accordingly, we comply with ISO 14001 and environmental regulations in all our business activities, and strive to continuously develop environmentally friendly products, processes, business sites, and human resources.

ISO14001 Environmental Management System

  • 1
    Compliance with ISO 14001 and environmental regulations
    We establish and effectively maintain an environmental management system, and comply with environmental laws and regulations to minimize environmental impact in all business activities.
  • 2
    Minimize the generation/discharge of pollutants and minimize environmental and safety accidents
    To minimize the generation · discharge of environmental pollutants and to prevent environmental safety accidents (air, soil, water pollution) through continuous REDUCTION, REUSE, AND RECYCLING.
  • 3
    Effective use and management of resources
    To contribute to the conservation of the global environment through the effective use and management of continuous resources (tangible and intangible).
  • 4
    Workplace cleaning
    To promote the health of all employees by continuously pursuing improvement of the workplace environment (workplace environment, working environment), pollution-free and accident-free operation.