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The spark plug is a key component of the internal combustion engine that plays a role in generating flames so that the combustible mixture in the cylinder can be burned in optimal condition.
  • Iridium Plugs
    This plug has excellent durability, because an iridium alloy chip made from extra-fine new material, is used for the central electrodes and a platinum alloy chip is used for the external electrodes. It also has a high ignitability and helps reduce discharge voltage.
  • SPE Iridium Plugs
    SPE Iridium Plugs
    For further improvement of the ignitability of the conventional iridium plugs, an angular Pt chip is welded to the leading edge of the external electrodes to reduce the size of the covering of the central electrodes, which thereby curbs the flame damping ability and wear of the external electrode. As a result, both high ignitability and long operating life have been realized.
  • Platinum Plugs
    Platinum Plugs
    This plug excels in durability because a platinum alloy is used for the leading edge of the central electrodes and the external electrodes. In addition, because the central electrodes are thin, the ignitability, starting performance, and acceleration performance are improved.