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Product development


    COD (Cathode Oxygen Depletion Heater) heater consumes the power generated by the fuel cell vehicle stack as thermal energy and removes the oxygen remaining in the stack. This device can rapidly increase the temperature of the coolant when starting at low temperatures.
    COD heater is developing specifications including output power duty control and fault diagnosis function with 230~450V high voltage 10kW output specification.
  • Hydrogen Detection Sensor
    Hydrogen detection sensor is applied near the hydrogen storage container of the fuel cell car (FCEV), near the joints of the hydrogen transfer piping, and around the stack to detect hydrogen leakage.
    Hydrogen detection sensor that is excellent for silicon immunity and mechanical impact is under development applying with thermal conduction technology.
  • Hydrogen Pressure Sensor
    Hydrogen pressure sensor is applied to Fuel Cell Stack Inlet and Hydrogen Supply in Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV) to monitor the pressure in the Hydrogen Supply Line.
    Development of hydrogen pressure (low pressure) sensor with sensor Die-ASIC circuit and element deterioration diagnostic function is in progress.


  • Drive Motor Temperature Sensor
    Drive motor temperature sensor is applied to the drive motor part of a hybrid (HEV) vehicle to prevent overheating of the drive motor.
    Drive motor temperature sensor is developing with temperature measurement range of -40-200℃ and NTC sensor type applied.
  • PTC Heater
    PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Heater that provide quick heating by directly heating the incoming air for indoor heating of the vehicle.
    Development of optimal design specifications considering thermal performance characteristics with 400 to 800V high voltage 5 to 7 kW output specifications is in progress.