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Quality Management

Company-wide customer response
“Company-wide Customer Response (TCR)” that designs, develops, produces and sells quality products that meet customer needs and social requirements and standards, and provides quality service.

IATF 16949 Quality Management System

    All Strata of society,
    All customers, Families
    Internal Customer,
    External Customer, Oneself
    Product, Service,
    Corporate Image, Environment
  • 1A total change in attitude
  • 2To improve the way we listen to our customers
  • 3Realization of fieldism
  • 4Organizational Innovation
In order to implement the quality policy of 「Company-wide customer response」, a quality system based on IATF16949 standard requirements and customer special requirements (CSR) has been established and is in operation. All employees of Woojin Industry Co., Ltd. understand, implement, and maintain all requirements stipulated in the quality management system, and are doing their best to satisfy customers through continuous quality improvement.